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Laboratorio Hidalgo is the South American leader on Clinical Laboratory Services related to the development of Clinical Trials.

In the last 25 years, it has participated in three hundred multicentral studies, Phase I to Phase IV, gathering samples from more than 2.000 research sites from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Uruguay, processing more than 200.000 samples.

Laboratorio Hidalgo’s proud expansion has been the result of the company’s commitment to reliable results and effective logistics.

Therapeutic areas expertise: cardiology, endocrinology, infectology, CNS, oncology, and others including respiratory and musculoskeletal diseases, allergy, dermatology, haematology and ophthalmology.

Specialized Teams

Laboratorio Hidalgo provides dedicated teams for each and every project to work together with the customer. Involved professionals are specialized in Clinical Trials, they are highly trained and have equipment of cutting-edge technology. Qualified study coordinators are in charge of comprehensive monitoring of Clinical Trials so as to ensure compliance with the protocol and Good Clinical Practice. Standard Operation Procedures are supplied from the outset of the study to its end.